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The website’s client area (possible others too) still have the 2020 mark, it should be 2021 or 2020-2021


You are right, but InfinityFree doesn’t make the client area, IFastNet make it. does still has the 2020 mark
soo they got to change it
but for the client area, you got to tell IFastNet to change it

No, I’m speaking about the front page

The Client Area( is owned by IF, not ifastnet


Thanks, being updated now.


thanks for correcting me
I’m bad at spelling or helping people with website
mostly why I’m not active all the time

Did you know that you can create a dynamic date with PHP?
You won’t have to update it every year!

<?php echo date("Y"); ?>

Or you can use javascript:

<p>this year is <script>document.write(new Date().getFullYear());</script>.</p>

Did you know the front website is statically built?

The year on the page is dynamic and templated, but the template is only rendered when a new version of the website is built and deployed.

And I think using Javascript to work around this is horrible.

Wait, why?

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Didn’t know that

Generally speaking, just plain old HTML is faster, more reliable and works most consistently across different devices and browsers.

And any time I started working on a codebase and started to sprinkle Javascript through it, it becomes impossible to manage very quickly.

This is also the reason why you won’t find any AJAX calls in the client area. Every page is fully rendered server side, where the code is submitted to range of automated tests to help ensures it works and can be updated reliably.


@anon19508339 and admin
Another reason is because JavaScript runs on the client. The same reason why you don’t handle sensitive data on the client is the same reason why you don’t rely on the date for the client: the Date() object in JavaScript is actually from the client device’s time.

PHP’s time is based on whatever time the server is set to.

Of course, most people won’t offset their time on the computer, so it should be fairly ok to use the Date() object in JavaScript. Still though, don’t use it for anything like date blocking (only allowing access to the website at a certain time of the day or something like that).

Also admin, how exactly can everything be static?

What about creating a new account?

Oh wait, nvm the front page.

Yeah, that would actually be a pretty good idea. I never really like dynamic server-side content.

Most of the dynamic content on my websites come from JavaScript, which I realize now may not be the best for handling sensitive info (just some self-reflecting here…). :confused:

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The client area on is a Laravel application. That’s fully dynamic PHP + MySQL code. The main website on itself is built statically with Jekyll. Not requiring a central database makes it easy to serve the entire site on a CDN and scale it out really nicely.


Oooh. Laravel.
It’s an interesting language to learn.

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