Not showing all subdomain options

 Infinity Free is not showing all subdomain options. Options like,, and 3 others shows up but I know there are other options. 
 But they're not showing for me now.

When I first started, only option available was . But when I checked later some other options showed up like “.” or something. But now I’m not getting that option. Why did this happen?

Google blacklisted the entire temporarily in their Safe Browsing program. This means that anyone using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox will see a big red warning page when trying to access their website, saying that the website is potentially harmful.

That’s not something we want people to see when they just created their new account. So to prevent that, we temporarily disabled the domain in the new account wizard.

You can still assign the domain names to existing accounts through the Subdomains menu.

The other new domains, and, are safe and usable for new accounts.


@Admin Maybe some users from those domains really share malware or something?

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Of course bad subdomains are the reason. It’s also a brand new domain, which can raise some suspicion, especially if a lot of sketchy sites show up on it out of nowhere.

Ironically, we also use Google Safe Browsing information to identify bad domains, but if Google bans the entire domain name, we cannot retrieve results for individual subdomains anymore. So by blocking the domain, they are actively preventing us from taking down the root cause.

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