Not responsive when hosting

When working on the site the site was resposive and everything was perfect
when I hosted it in Infinityfree my styles were all wrong

What site?

What was wrong? You need to write clearly


this the site wen locally hosting with xampp

What do you expect us to do for you?

Our hosting doesn’t do anything special with CSS. Our servers let people download the CSS you upload, just like on XAMPP or any other web server. So if you were hoping we could just give you a one-size-fits-all solution to “fix” CSS on our hosting: it doesn’t work that way.

Based on the extremely limited information we have here, I would suggest to re-upload all your files and clear your browser cache. And check the developer tools console for possible issues.

If you don’t want to provide details and just want a list of possible things to try, please search the web and try some of the things suggested there. Or ask ChatGPT for a solution if that’s your cup of tea.

If you want our help, we can tailor or a solution to you, but then we need a lot more info than a screenshot of what you see and what you expected to see. If you want us to help you with this issue, please tell us everything you know about this issue and all the relevant information.

But at the VERY, VERY, LEAST, please share the website URL, like the topic template told you to do, so we can check it ourselves, and don’t have to diagnose an issue from a doctored screenshot.


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