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When I enter in browser then both header a tag and navigation a are hidden.

In my style.css I have given display none only for navigation a tag, header a tag should be displayed.

When I inspect element it is showing some other style.css

Not the one I had uploaded in htdocs folder.

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Umm Hey!

I see a lot of 404 errors here…

What do you mean?? Please reframe your question clearly.


On the Top “Early Tester” has to be displayed.

Menu items like Home,About Us etc should be hidden.

If you see the style.css in htdocs thats how I have specified.

But in the style.css in Developer tools its showing different.

i.e it is hiding both Early Tester. As well as menu items.


You can ignore the 404 errors

As they require video file

Yes you have marked correctly

Navigation. Is display none Thats correct.

But if you see header a tag it is not display none.

Please see Header a in style.css

I have not specified as display none

But Early Tester. Header is not showing.


If the file in the file manager and on your live site are different, that sounds like it could be a caching issue. Our servers enforce quite strong browser cache by default, because it’s better for performance and resource usage.

You can work around it by clearing your browser cache or checking the site in Incognito Mode in your browser.


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