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My website was suspended (I don’t know why) and so I created a ticket. That was nearly a week ago. The support team has yet to submit a reply other than “Ticket status changed to Pending…” Is there any possibility of getting this resolved before my site gets deleted or something?


Unfortunately, we cannot really help you here. Maybe try replying to the ticket or creating a new one?


I’ve tried replying to the ticket twice but all that happens is the ticket status gets changed to pending. I’ll wait a day or so and reply again, I guess.

Your website is suspended probably because you exceeded the limit. Unfortunately, we cannot do anything about this, and you’ll have to wait until your website is reinstated. More information here.

@splash, please note that if a user can create a support ticket, the account was permanently suspended. Waiting will only result in the account being deleted forever.


Are there any admins or anything on this forum that can help with this?

No, you will just have to wait for iFastNet to respond to your ticket.
If they don’t, you can’t get your account back, sorry!


Well, they closed my ticket without any explanation whatsoever. I created another one and it’s been replied to with the pending message.

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