Not correctly opens site

this morning worked, but now does not work, how to fix ? (the site itself (no space)

it is best to rename newtab.html to index.html
and then is just enough to call this (in browser address field)

i am also facing exactly same issue…can anyone from infinityfree give a response?

this is my link: which is having this issue
strangely the link is opening on mobile but not on desktop

ok thanks for the advice

@Terminator Did you notice this box in the client area? You can see it when you click the account there.

And next time, if you have exactly the same issue, then read the suggested answers and apply them. If they don’t work, it means you don’t have the same problem, and you should not hijack someone else’s topic for a different issue.

Dear Admin,
First of all its very harsh and unethical the way you have replied. btw my problem was not what the banner said at the top. i dont have any domain (as banner says: after adding a domain name to an account,i just added a new account to my existing ones (2 were already there and working) and added pages but got the same page opened shown by the post originator.
If inifinityfree is giving a free service then it doesnt give you the right to speak to your customers/users the way you did just now. its very offesnive.

Hello, my problem has already been solved, how can I close the topic, or will it close itself

Yet you ignore the information in the client area, the knowledge base, and the dozens if not hundreds of times that exact same issue has been discussed in the forum, and complain when I don’t want to spend my time to answer a question which I’ve answered hundreds of times before?

It’s your topic, you get to decide. But I agree that it’s probably better to close this topic.