not able to use my free sub domain

Hi administrator,

Firstly thank you so much for the free unlimited webhosting service with support! That is very awesome!

I was trying to switch my website from the other server to infinityfree server, yet encountered some problems.

I currently have 2 accounts, one is for my old website achieve and one is for my new current active website. I do not know why one of my account’s sub domain is not working, yet the other one works. Here is my accounts detail:

epiz_19117552 (sub domain not working in this account)


fceu_19117263 (sub domain working in this account)

I was trying to create a sub domain for the epiz_19117552 account yet when I entered the url it just redirects to “

Can any one help me please?
Thank you!


Hello @bentong95923.

It seems like DNS Propagation has not simply happened yet for the domain that is redirecting you.

You can learn more here.


Hi Mike,

Thanks for the reply. Okay I will wait few more days to see how it goes. I will raise the problem again if it still does not work.


Hi Mike,
I think it is not the problem of DNS propagation. Since when I create another sub domain and I put some html file inside that folder, the sub domain immediately works. Yet only the specific domain that I want to have does not work.
My sub domain to have :
It was used in the previous server but it has been removed already so it should not be the problem.
Thank you

I just checked the status of your account epiz_19117552, but it looks like you have deleted all domains from it and closed the account. If you deleted the domain from your account, the domain won’t serve your website anymore.

Yea the reason of deleting my account is because I wanna delete the old accounts and creating new accounts to see if that can fix the problem. However atm the epiz_19117552 account in still in processing state for at least an hour already. How can I fix it?
Sorry for the interruption and inconvenience. Again thank you so much for the free service and support.

I have created another new accounts and I just changed for my new sub domains. So I will just ditch my old ones and it may be easier and save some effort for us to solve the problem. Now they all work, yet the epiz_19117552 account is still in processing state, but it is not a big deal. Thanks a lot for help!

On the hosting server, epiz_19117552 is already offline but it looks like it was never confirmed in the client area database. I have corrected this now.