Not able to redirect all traffic to HTTPS

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

Error Message

This site cannot provide a secure connection.

Other Information

I have used both the script method (by configuring WordPress settings) and the .htaccess method to try and redirect traffic to https version of site. However, when I type only “”, I am not redirected to HTTPS version of my site and the browser gives me the following error: This site cannot provide a secure connection. What should I do?

Remember that you have to get an SSL certificate for that, one easy way is to use Cloudflare, you can use it for free and it is very easy to use

Just install Really Simple SSL plugin from wordpress, then it will redirect all http requests including images and files into https.


I have already issued that. I am already using it.

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Will try that and update you.

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Try it and reply, smash the green button if you solved it

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Then clear your browser caches after.

It’s working now. Thanks for helping.

We’re glad to help, and thank you!

Don’t forget to smash the green button!

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