Not able to receive emails
[email protected]

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Error Message

i can send emails but i am not able to receive emails, from any organization it was working and it suddenly stopped
i have a correct mx entry

when i use mx lookup
i get this
Connecting to
12/29/2023 3:43:34 AM Connection attempt #1 - Unable to connect after 15 seconds. [15.03 sec]

LookupServer 15045ms

Other Information

i am maken sure everything is correct in Google Workspace, i dont know where the pron=blem is coming from, Please help

Your MX records seem to be active from here:

Can you try to send an email to your new email address?


thanks for your response, it turns out it was because i changed the nameservers recently( i reverted back to infinity free from Cloudflare) and it was a propagation delay,
emails have been coming through 2- 3 hours late, and the only explanation is the propagation delay its gonna take 24-48 hrs before things are back to normal again.

i apricate your response your time
Thank you kindly.

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