Not able to login to my email that i have created in email section for roundcube

hello I can’t access my email [email protected] from the standard cpainel Roundcube and neither the email [email protected] admin could solve this for me please. Thanks in advance.

Emails are not available in Freehosting…
Try to use a external service(yandex,zoho)…

Out of curiosity,where did you create an email id?

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I created when it was still possible to create.

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I’ve tried them all and I can’t access

I enter email accounts in cpanel I change the password and it just doesn’t work.

Emails are disabled in this hosting to prevent abuse, It might also stops you from accessing your emails.

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As far as I know, old email accounts should still be working.

However, the email system is also no longer being supported. So if it doesn’t work for you, the best thing I can suggest is to do the same thing that people with new accounts have to do: use a third party email service.


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