Not able to install any softaculous apps

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Something went wrong, please allow 20 minutes then retry

Other Information

Yesterday, I hosted my website on InfinityFree and since then, I’m seeing this error. Could you please help me out? Thanks

Please see this thread


Will there be any solution for this or it’s an infinity issue lol

It should be fixed soon.

If you want, you can try opening it using a different device and/or network.

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I did try with 2 different devices and used VPN too, and also created another account for the same domain, but still the same issue shows up. I’m seeing this issue since yesterday, and no solution is arrived!

The problem was caused by a problem on the hosting volume your account was on, vol18_2. Softaculous doesn’t seem to be working on there.

Normally, recreating the account works around with, but it seems like you got unlucky and ended up on the same volume twice.

If you try again now, it should work (right now accounts are being created on another volume). But I’ve also notified a server admin so they can investigate.


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