Not Able to get the updates

I’ve not been able to update to wordpress 5.5 when i try to update it will say an update or it fails to install the update . As anyone here had this problem . Note plug in’s update still work

This is because the file to update is over 10MB limit, the only way to update is to manually update;

Or wait a few weeks until softaculous supports 5.5.


how long will it be when softaculous supports 5.5? and how would you know?

Well, I read [but can’t remember where] that Admin today said that it generally takes about 3 weeks for it to show up, and you’ll probably know when it either shows up on the list, or someone will make a topic about how it is avaliable here on the forum.

Would you have to reinstall wordpress again ? or just do the update within wordpress admin panel?

I believe to perform softaculous update, it would just override old upgrade files, and same with the manual upgrade, you just delete old update files, your content stays the same.

The big question is has it ever been tested in the perform softaculous update, that the site would not crash on you.

I presume that is why it will take a while for it to be released, testing to ensure nothing goes wrong

The reason your upgrade failed is because of the limits placed on website scripts on free hosting. Softaculous updates the installation directly (in a similar way to how a manual upgrade works), so it’s not affected by these issues.

If safety is more important than convenience, I would still recommend the manual upgrade over Softaculous. But the Softaculous upgrade is a lot less likely to break your website than the one click upgrader.


Safety has been my thing .

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