Am I able to install a NodeJS application using infinity free? If so, how?

Please search the forum next time before posting. Because someone asked this exact question only last week.


Thank you, I didn’t realise this was already asked. However, this has only been partially answered.
From what I have read in the supported post, NodeJS support is available in Premium packages.

So this leads me on to the second part of my question, how can I install a NodeJS app?
On my local machine, I use the integrated terminal in VS code to install what I need. When deploying this site would I have access to a terminal to install dependencies? or is it just a matter of uploading my files?

I’ve never used the premium hosting Node.js modules, so I really can’t tell. You should ask iFastNet about it, since they provide the premium hosting, we don’t.

That said, I can tell you that the Node.js support is a bit limited. It’s tacked on to a PHP hosting system with a rather limited interface. I don’t know the practical implications, or how these will impact your application specifically. iFastNet should be able to help you with that.


Thank you kindly. I appreciate your response. :slight_smile:

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