Newly created account site directing to 404

site url:

What I’m seeing is: 404! We couldn’t find that page.

Hi, I have an old account which has the same domain and I deactivated the old account.

Then I created a new account with the same domain and I have only installed wordpress with just the default template to the new accoun,t and when I open the url it directs me to 404 not found site and I also cannot open the wordpress admin site because it directs me also to the 404 not found site. How do I fix this I cant access anything. Thanks.

Your domain doesn’t point to our nameservers. Please point it to and from your domain registrar’s DNS management panel, then wait a while, clear your cookies and all kinds of cache you can find and then visit your website again and see if it works.

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I already did and now it’s directing to: Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahead.

sorry noob question how do I clear the caches?

For me it has a valid SSL certificate, but throws an ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS error. So, to fix that, you need to remove the redirects from the “Redirects” section of the Control Panel, then install the “Really Simple SSL” plugin and enable it. To clear your browser cache, just search “how to clear browser cache” followed by your browser on Google. To clear your DNS cache if you are on Windows, then run the command ipconfig /flushdns on an administrator Command Prompt.


the ssl was the one I got from this site infinityfree. it says here that I can only get one certificate

it’s working now after flushing dns. thanks a lot

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