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Hi, I recently created a new website, and I am getting this forbidden message. I have no idea what is wrong. My files are in the right place in the htdocs folders, and my NS (I think that is what it’s called) is pointing to infinity free webservers and cloudflare webservers.

Very strange, your domain seems to be setup correctly but still it returns the 403 error on every URL.

Could you please try to remove the domain from the account and add it again (or maybe even on a fresh hosting account)? If anything went wrong while setting up the domain, that usually fixes it.

@admin I added my domain to a fresh account and it still shows the same error

It’s good to go now! Just upload the files for your site to the “/htdocs” directory and you will be good to go.

@Greenreader9 I am still not seeing the site from my end should I just wait a couple of days since I made a new hosting account?

Since I now see a “Forbidden” error, I’m going to guess the actual error is in your code. Your account does looks properly setup. Can you share what type on content is on your site?

Right now all I have in the folder is a php index page with a css file pulling in a photo saying coming soon. Then I have another index.html in case for some reason the php page doesn’t display. I am going to be testing my music production website, but I am still developing it.

So right now there is just two pages and then a folder containing the jpg files for the dynamic display.

Can you copy/paste the two non-image files here please? Make sure you surround the code with “~~~”

Did you also update the DNS record at Cloudflare with the IP address of the new account?

How do I update the records? I thought cloudflare automatically directs traffic after I add the nameservers to my domain.

So I need to add my infinity free IP address?

Yes. Add it as an “A” record in Cloudflare. The IP can be found in the client area.

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Ok I think I got it so I guess that was the problem this whole time, but now it’s asking for an ssl certificate so what I tried to do is just put my domain name back to my old account so I don’t have to redo the ssl again but for some reason the name is not switching over. I already removed it from my new account.

Cloudflare automatically scans and imports your records when you first add the domain name. But Cloudflare doesn’t automatically update the records when they changed on your domain’s previous nameservers. So if your DNS records change, you need to update them by hand.

You can just upload your SSL certificate from the previous account again. You don’t need to request an all new certificate for the different account.

When you removed the domain from your old account, the SSL certificate uploaded to that account was removed as well. So you’ll need to reupload the certificate regardless of the account you’re using the domain on.

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Ok I finally got everything situated. Thank you guys so much for your help :pray:t5:. @admin @greenreader9


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