New member and page won't load?


no error just a blank page

Loaded my file via File manager in the HTDOCS.folder. My HTML file appears in the HTDOCS folder. however my web page will not load it? Not urgent but any suggestions would be great.

Maybe try clearing your cache.


If that doesn’t work, it might be because of the following reasons:

It hasn’t been 72 hours and you need to wait for DNS propagation


Your file didn’t upload correctly through the online file manager, try using FileZilla.


Thanks it has only been 24 hours. I will try again after the 72 hour mark

I see a blank page on your website too. But when I check the files in your account, I see you have an index.html file that’s empty as well. And of course, if you upload a blank file, you’ll see a blank page.

Please also note that the server will look for files called exactly index.php, index.html or index.htm (in that order). Calling the file anything else will not load it.


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