New Free User Has A couple of questions


Is it possible to use my domain name, which is currently registered on, without transferring it to infinityone?

I have been using BlueGriffon as a Website Editor off line. Is it compatible with infinityone?
Finally, how can I implement the above?

Thanks in advance.


In order to host your domain with InfinityFree, you have to change the nameservers to ours in order to connect the domain to your account.

Once the domain is connected, you can change the nameservers back as long as you setup a CNAME or A record pointing back to InfinityFree.

To anwser your first question, no. You have to choose either google or InfinityFree to host your website, not both.


As long as your website builder export HTML/CSS/JS files, it will most likely be compatable. You can always grab a free subdomain to test with.


It is possible to use a domain name without transferring it to a new hosting provider. You would simply need to update the DNS settings for your domain to point to the new hosting provider.

As for BlueGriffon, it should be compatible with InfinityFree as long as you are able to upload the files to the hosting account. You can do this using an FTP client or through the file manager in your hosting control panel.

To implement the above, you would need to first sign up for a hosting account with InfinityFree and obtain the necessary login credentials. Then, update the DNS settings for your domain to point to the new hosting account. Finally, use BlueGriffon or another website editor to create and upload your website files to the hosting account.

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