New free account auto redirect to https

New free account auto redirect to https without install ssl. So it’s gives error

Your connection is not private

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Usually if a pre-programmed redirect from http:// to https:// version of the website is made it is created by the user or a web software’s created changes to the .htaccess file (directory’s configuration script)

I have the same problem, but the account is old, worked fine 2 days ago, but now shows me certificate error… I’ve not changed .htaccess. How do I solve it?

Yes, your domain name auto redirects to HTTPS. However, that’s not caused by our hosting or by your website code. Instead, Google, the owner of the .dev extension, has configured it so that you can only host HTTPS websites on .dev domains. It is simply impossible to host a non-HTTPS website on such a domain. This is not something that can be changed by the domain owner of the hosting provider.

This means that, to show your website, you MUST install a valid SSL certificate on your account. Or activate Cloudflare on your domain, who can also provide valid SSL.

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