New connection error with the database

new connection error with the database

after the interruption of the gateway 502 problems, everything returned to work correctly until recently I had a problem that I cannot add new information to the database it generates an error, I would appreciate it if you could help me, this is the error that presents.

This is not a connection error with the database. This is an error with the database query you’re firing at it.

The error message Column is_paid cannot be null means that your database schema says that the column is_paid in the table live_tv may not contain the value NULL. But in the screenshot, you can see that your software is trying to insert the value NULL into that column.

To fix this, you either need to make sure you’re not entering the value NULL into this column, or update the table so this column does accept NULL values.


ese error empezo desde el momento del ataque DDOS a los servidores de infinityfree, y en ocasiones no conecta a la base de datos, es arrepentino que sale y se recarga la pagina y se normaliza

Please write your messages in English. Machine translation quoted below:

The original error shown here means that the content your PHP code is sending to the database does not follow the rules of the database schema you gave it. This is an error on your code or in your database schema. Maybe something happened with your website around the time of the attacks that resulted in this issue, but the error itself is not a server issue we can fix.

We did have intermittent database connection problems recently. However, the database severs have been upgraded last Friday, which should make things better.

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