New and just wanted to say Hi

Hey guys,
I am new here and just wanted to say Hi to everyone.

I really appreciate InfinityFree for offering us free hosting, I have to say that I searched many free hosts out there and this one by far is the best that there is.

It seems like the community is also helpful, which is a good thing.

I hope together we will achieve our goals


Hi and welcome to the forum
Thank you for those words on behalf of Infinityfree !

(and I see that we are “neighbors” :smiley_cat:)


It seemed too good to be true when I moved my site here after running out of money, but it’s enabled me to maintain an internet presence for, well, it must be more than a couple of years by now, keeping some important pages up on view. I redesigned parts of my site to minimise work for the server and have never had any problems with the service at all. The people who have the most trouble are the ones using things like wordpress if they have too many bloated and processor-hungry plug-ins running, but all my pages are hand-coded.


Hi, and WELCOME!, finally have the login working, always same browser so I’ve no idea why the trouble but logged in now, so a quick HELLO! and WELCOME — yeah I like this place, they allow me to play and put up many pages, no I am now an old worn out warhorse so to speak so I don’t code or mess with tables and databases etc. etc.

Again, Welcome to this great site and tech kiddies with tons of free information in the forums – it’s great!

Top Regards !


Welcome :smiley:


Thanks guys for the warm welcome :orange_heart:


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