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Netlify have there own CDN
Will this be a future possiblity feature for I.F. ?

It may not possible due to free hosting system limitations.

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I’m afraid that this just isn’t possible for any web hosting service to do. The laws of the universe prevent it.

Netlify is a static site hosting platform. The content of your site is built once and then doesn’t change until the code changes. There are some interactive features like contact forms and access controls, but those are managed by Netlify and don’t do anything that changes the contents of pages. So you can’t build things like blogs, forums, shops or other dynamic sites.

The consequence of this is that it’s possible to build the site once and copy all the code and configuration to all their datacenters across the globe. Authentication configuration can simply be replicated along with it, and things like form responses can be handled either by just processing it locally in the specific edge location or fed back to a central location asynchronously.

Many sites hosted on web hosting require a central (My)SQL database as a shared data store to store whatever functionality is provided by the site code itself, be that user management, blog posts, comments, shop inventory or whatever else. All that data needs to be coordinated world wide (you don’t want someone in Brazil and someone in India both registering the same username for example, and you do want them to be able to see each other’s topic replies).

Providing this as a solution that works for any kind of website can only be done realistically by having a single database server (or cluster) in one location. And for performance reasons, the application code must also run in the same location.

It is possible to make it work of course. But it requires a ridiculous amount of engineering complexity to make a site that can be hosted in multiple locations, and needs to be tailored for each individual feature (a shop’s catalogue is managed differently than the inventory of said products). It’s not a one-size-fits-all problem. So Amazon can do it, but WooCommerce cannot.

So either you can have a site that’s blazingly fast but limited in features (like Netlify), be virtually unrestricted in features but be stuck in a single location (like we provide), or have hundreds of engineers to architect your own global platform. You can’t have it all.


Thankyou for the detailed explanation.
Your right about NETLIFY, disabling any updates to an existing website.
So Stupid …as it makes it Unusable.

Thankyou x

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