Need to upgrade php version

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For installing some plugins I need the Ioncube loader updated! and for that, the Php version needs an update!
as I read the comments, It’s been a year since it is said the upcoming PHP version (guess 8) will come. It would be great if the resellers clarify what limitations we may face after choosing the free plan.


What isn’t clear to you?

On our home page, it says very clearly that our hosting comes with PHP 7.4. We’ve also said that PHP 8.1 will come, but we don’t know when.

I would also like for PHP 8.1 to be here already. I would also like to have more clarity about when it will be. But I cannot inform you about progress I have no insight into or control over either.


Thank you for your response, We will wait for the update, and hope it comes soon.

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