Need the basic help

I am completely beginner to this site and I have no idea how to check or make domains. I read tons of blocks of text from Infinity Free articles and none of them helped me to understand anything because those have usually ZERO(0) pictures(I didn’t see any in the articles which I read) and talk about a specific thing which I don’t need to know yet.
So I came here to ask.
How to create and check the domain I created?
Please include detailed instructions WITH PICTURES.
How to edit the website? By this I mean like: How to make a website? So it at least shows that I done something, can be just blank with at least text saying: “Hello world!”
Please include very detailed instructions WITH PICTURES (pictures is a must about this one).

First of all, this is a community forum. There are hundreds of websites which can answer half your question.

Very Long Explantion

InfinityFree provides Free Subdomains when you add a new website in the Client Area.

Once you click search, so long as your domain is available, the page will continue to Account Details, where you can change a couple of options. After that, your account will be created and after 5-10 mins the account will be ready. It can take up to 72 hours for the website to actually appear everywhere.

Once your account is ready, you can go to that Account’s Manage page, where there are 4 large buttons: Control Panel, File Manager, Edit Account and Deactivation History. The only one of these that you need to worry about right now is the File Manager.

Clicking this button will open a new tab to an online File Manager, which will automatically login. You should see a single folder named ‘htdocs’. This is your website’s folder. If you click on this, the file manager will ‘open’ this folder. Once opened, you can upload/create files for your website.

Located at the bottom of the page is a Plus (+) button. This brings up a menu just above the button, with two options: Add File or Add Folder. Click Add File. A popup box will appear and gives you a textbox to name your file. In this box put index.html. Once you hit ‘Ok’, a full screen textbox appears. This is where you write the code for your website.

For now, we’re going to keep it simple. Just put ‘Hello’ and the click the save button (located bottom right).

Now, when you go to your website URL (Which if your incredibly thick [no offence to anyone], can be found in the Client Area under your domain), it should say ‘Hello’.

Hope this is detailed enough. I can’t add loads of pictures, one because im too lazy to and two, because they really aren’t needed.


Okay, thank you! It works but not fully. Why doesn’t it work in Opera browser the website? It just shows blank page. When I go check other browsers like Firefox the website shows “Hello” like it should.

Clear cache via CTRL+F5?

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