Need DNS record Of inifnityfree

Hey i need the DNS record Of inifinty free
anyone know what are they

Which DNS record?

You can find the IP address which can function as an A record in your “Account Details” on the client area (highlighted below, I’ve censored my own information):

do you think any dns records are missing from above image

The IP address seems like one used in the free hosting, if it is the one you got from the Account Details then I don’t think anything’s missing, no.

there were some name server too in this dns record
yea 2 name server but i deleted them now how to add them again

Nameservers? Were they records with ns1/ns2 in their name, or NS records with values?
In any case, you theoretically don’t need them.

can you give me host dns records
all a , cname and txt records

Which records you need depends on what exactly you want to host.

For the most basic setup, you only need an A record for the base domain pointing to your website IP, and a CNAME record for the www subdomain pointing to your base domain.

If you want to host subdomains with us, you’ll need to point those to your website IP as well.

If you want free SSL certificates from us, you will need to setup additional CNAME records, which will be generated for your domain when you request the certificate.

That’s about it for all the DNS records you could need I think. We don’t provide email services, so there are no MX or TXT records to set up for our hosting.


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