Navbar.css not working

Hey there,
My website navbar.css won’t load but it load the style.css those anyone know how to fix this issue?

Make sure the file is present


The file is present I even reupload and check the file code in the ftp web page

Where you load in code? I dont see that line

Im only see normalize.css and style.css

sorry i was trying to merge the navbar.css to style.css

there I reupload all the files but the navbar.css still doesn’t work :')

But how it should work?

I found an error:
Снимок экрана_2023-04-05_18-42-52

Many links on your site seem to be broken. The navbar.css is loading for me now (when I checked before the file was actually missing). If it’s not working for you, please clear your browser cache and try again.

The normalize.css doesn’t exist though. And basically all of the links on the page don’t go anywhere either.

2 Likes it works fine in 000webhost

Codes of these pages are different.

I am aware of the navbar links and the normalize.css i forgot to remove it

Wait really? there the same file that i use on 000webhost for april fools

The only thing I changed is the title and nothing else

This is code from 000webhost

And this is from infinityfree:

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Wait let me try downloading the code on 000webhost and uploud it in infinityfree

My navbar now work I just remove some few lines and it work that you just for helping me I have some fun chatting with you guys

it’s my first time asking help to the forum without having to argue to other members Thank you very much

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