Nameservers not found on my domain name

Username (e.g. epiz_32877195) or Website URL

(website: / epiz_32877195)

Error Message

(“No nameservers were found on your domain name”)

Other Information

(Despite updating infinityfree Nameservers in my domain providers site(Truehost) about 10 days ago the status is still no nameservers were found )
Kindly assist.


Are you still experiencing the error? I can see the nameservers correctly configured.


The results of the domain checker is still the same. Kindly refresh

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Everything is fine with your NS - probably a bug in the Domain check or it needs more time.

You have mixed content because you call up some images via HTTP instead of HTTPS


Or if your browser has this option, then it’s enough to right-click on a page and select this


It was a bug in the domain checker. The way the extension is set up confused the domain checker. That’s fixed now though!


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