Nameserver problem with German domain

**My website URL is: mirkoschieder.

**What I’m seeing is: I‘m trying to point a parked domain (mirkoschieder. de) to my URL. In order to do that, I’m supposed to register your nameservers in the netcup. de control panel first. However when I’m trying to do so, I see a warning that is unknown to nsX.epizy. com And I’m unabke to complee the process. Product support replied that DENIC can’t register the URL unless your nameservers know my domain first. So I’m kind of stuck between chicken and egg :grin:
Are an infinityfree incompatible?

Enclosed screenshots only in German. Let me know if you need translation. **

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Some domain types, even some ccTLDs like .de, require that the nameservers have a DNS record for your domain before they can set the nameservers, but InfinityFree requires that you put the nameservers before the DNS records can be created. You can learn more about that here:


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