Nameserver changes not reflecting in infinityFree

Website URL

I created an account and as per the guide, it said The domain’s nameservers must be set to ns1. infinityfree. com and first.

Even though pointing nameservers to the given one, it’s been more than 24Hrs now still I’m getting the below error on Step 2 to create an account.

Your domain is not yet pointing to our nameservers ns1. infinityfree. com and ns2. infinityfree. com. Please change your nameservers at your domain name provider and wait a few hours for the changes to take effect. You can also create an account with a subdomain first.

I’ve hosted another website on InfinityFree with a different username which uses epizy nameservers. Should I change this one too to epizy nameserver?

No, you don’t. nameservers are only for legacy accounts now, not new accounts.
However there seem to be an issue regarding new account creations, so you might wanted to allow 3 hrs or so and then retry.


But I’ve been already waiting for more than 24 Hrs

As I said, this is an issue, so you have to wait longer. Normally issues of these kind can get solved within some hours, so you have to be paitient.


After almost 28Hrs I am able to park my domain on InfinityFree


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