Namecheap sub domain as pointed domain

i have a domain on namecheap that i use for my static website hosted on github and i wanted to use a sub domain of that domain on my dynamic website hosted here as a pointed domain. how do i do this?


  1. Set the nameservers to and (Yes, this will break GitHub, but we will fix it in a second).
  2. Add the domain to your InfinityFree account, and create the subdomain in the control panel
  3. Add an A record with NameCheap with this info:

CONTENT: “[Subdomain Name]”
NAME: [IP address from ]

  1. Change the nameservers back to whatever you had them before
  2. Clear your cache and/or wait 72 hours for DNS propagation (Only if you are having issues)

Namecheap, not NameSilo.

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