Name Servers

How many name servers are there? I’m currently using 1 and 2, but is there anymore?

they go up to five (5).

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The more I add, the better. Right?

Not necessarily. You don’t need all 5 nameservers, you really don’t need any once your domain is connected, but it is recommended that you have at least 2. I only have 2 nameservers and my domain is fine (despite it is suspended).

Remember to never mix your nameservers.

I’m thinking if I add all 5 it’s better because if one goes down it can resort to the other.

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Nameservers aren’t really a thing that goes down all that often. Feel free to add all 5, maybe it will help. But like i said before:

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There are only 2 epizy nameservers (Not Five). If you use byet nameservers, there are 5 of those.

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Which ones are more reliable? And can I use both at the same time?

They go to the same place.

Never ever mix nameservers. This will cause issues.

Just use and, that is all you need

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Thank you.

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Is it worth switching to byet? I imagine it’ll be better because there’s more.


It will be the same. As long as there is more than one nameserver, you will be just fine.

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Hosting providers provide many nameservers, in case one fails the other will work.

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Exactly. That’s why I thought byet would be better because there’s more.

Its your choice! Make sure to spare some time “DNS propagation”

If it helps, I’ll do it.

If it doesn’t, I won’t.

I though prefer -

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@Greenreader9 said it won’t help. So I’ll go with that. No one so far has said that switching to byet will help. So I’ll wait a bit longer to see if someone says that.

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It will do the exact same thing as the epizy nameservers. Both sets of nameservers do the exact same thing! Just stick with the epizy ones if that is what your are currently on. Changing them may disrupt things.