Mysqli_sql_exception #2002 No such file or directory

SYSTEMPATH/Database/MySQLi/Connection.php at line 225

I use Codeigniter 4 to run this website,
I have configured my database correctly hostname, dbname, username and password.

May you show us hostname, username and DB name to check whatever it’s correct or not?

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I have changed my database connection, epiz_26328740,, epiz_26328740_dbuniversitas and password
but still “No such file or directory”

is there any other solution for me? thanks :+1:

Read the KB support article above.


Show the code you connect to the db. It may be the order of the parameters which might be causing the issue.


The “No such file or directory” is 100% absolutely sure caused by using localhost as your database hostname in the MySQL connection code. It is literally the only possible reason why you could ever see this error message.

If you provided the right configuration on your software, it means your software is not using that configuration. This could be a configuration error or a bug in the software.


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