MYSQL/MyBB Down after a password change in control panel

I use My_BB here at I read the instruction on how to change the ftp password. It also changed the password for MYSQL. My SQL went down immediately with error 1045. I surfed the net looking for a solution and that was a no go, I did not save the old password to check if it would work.
FInally what I did was; I took the old password from a backup of /href/forum/inc/config.php. I check out the password from mysql in control panel. I saw that they were a match for the new password in ftp settings etc. So I ftp’ed into the server host & checked the config.php. I could see that the password in the config file was the old password, i changed the password or the new password & it started up!
I have so many web blocker type apps installed & I think the password
was not updated because of a blocking effect.
In hind sight I should have checked the config.php on the server ASAP.


PDO - if you get 1044 then the DB name is the problem if you get 1045 then the password is a problem.

I think that some time should pass when changing the password in the control panel until it becomes active.

Of course, changing the password will not automatically replace your code for connecting to the DB and so on. And must be manually corrected (updated)

I am not very clear about your topic (hosting category) and whether you need help?
or is this a “help hint” for other users?


Hello Oxy,
I’m sorry that my post was not very clear. I did post it as a helpful hint kind of thing. I personally am working with My_SQL as a user of the DB for the first time. If my article seems “elementary” or obvious then I apologize for wasting your time.
I posted this article because it happened specifically here at And the operation of changing the config.php file did not occur, but it ran successfully on the DB. Obviously changing the config.php file occurs after the DB password change.
I cant say how long I waited or when it went offline because I didn’t try the BD until approx 1 hour later.

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As you could see above the password edit field in the client area:

Updating your password here will change the Control Panel Password, FTP Password and MySQL Database Password of this hosting account.

So yes, if you change the account password, your database password will be changed too, which means any configuration that’s using the current database password will stop working until you update the configuration to use the new password. Updating the password is your responsibility, we cannot check all the configuration in all your code to replace the setting for you.

Where and how exactly to update this password depends on your website. If you just have one application, it should be one central setting somewhere. Where that setting is depends on the software.

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Hello Admin,
I understand what you’re saying, but I followed the instructions at the password change page. It described what was going to occur. It did not mention anything about it updating MySQL causing a MYSQL problem. I really wish it would have made mention of this on that page. I just assumed it would update the configuration everywhere that was necessary,
I don’t want to disparage your site and services, I think is quite an amazingly good service. But I think the password change page should make it clear that one should know about how it can affect your MYSQL functionality. I did not know that the MYSQL startup config information was in MYBB’s config.php. But I have been learning & now I know.
Thanks Admin

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