MySQL Error config doesn't exist

hello,i am trying to install hubzilla with softilislous and it keeps saying "

Could not make the query numbered : 0
MySQL Error No : 1146
MySQL Error : Table ‘epiz_23664662_73.config’ doesn’t exist
Installation Failed "

That sounds like an error in the installation script of Hubzilla. Could you please try to install it manually and see if that works?

oke thanks i will try,can you please help me a bit with telling (or where i can find some docs)of how to do it? thanks in advenced.


I was going to point you to the official documentation of HubZilla: install/INSTALL.txt · master · hubzilla / core · GitLab

But HubZilla lists this as a requirement:

- PHP *command line* access with register_argc_argv set to true in the 
php.ini file - and with no hosting provider restrictions on the use of 
exec() and proc_open().

We don’t allow those functions, and don’t provide command line access. Those features are not available with most low cost hosting services.

You could try to download it, extract it, and upload the files to your hosting account to the htdocs folder: After that, you can try to open your website and follow the instructions on screen.

But I have no idea if it actually works. It seems like you might need more high end hosting to run this software.

oke thank you,i will try it

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