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I have just started using infinityfree, so please bear with me. I created N number of MySql databases inside my controlpanel. Similar to domains sync outside into infinityfree, I expected db sync or similar. However, I don’t see any sync, instead see only 1 MySql db in the infinityfree. Now, I am confused in my websites, will my connection to those individual N websites work? If yes, what is the use of the 1 MySql db in infinityfree or can I delete that one?

Where are the domains hosted?

Didn’t you

Now I am confused. Can you provide clearer details?

Hmm, it looks like you’ve found a bug in the client area! It looks like it doesn’t load the list of databases doesn’t load correctly if you have an underscore in the database name. I’ll fix that ASAP.

For your information, the databases list doesn’t have an Update button because the client area doesn’t actually store the databases. They are generally retrieved from the platform on the fly, with a short cache. So if you create a database from the control panel or through Softaculous, it may take a few minutes to show up. But if you create the database through the client area, it will be visible instantly.


That’s good! I was able to find a bug but that’s so typical of me :grin:. Anyways, looks like you fixed the bug and the dbs are now appearing correctly. Would be still great, if there was a Sync button just to be consistent and shows if there are any errors.

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It was a bug since my Db names had an “_” in them and hence weren’t syncing in.

Well, there wasn’t necessarily an error. The code just didn’t work properly if you had an underscore in the database name.

So the sync button would have been just a placebo button that doesn’t actually do anything.


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