Mysql database deleted by itself

epiz_30369069 or

I was checking my database once in a week…
But today… It just disappeared or deleted by itself.

Please resolve my problem…

I need my database back.

There seems to be a little issue with databases at the moment. It should be solved soon. Also, you have an SSL error on your website.


I know there is a SSL error, but it’s not a big deal…
I just want my MySQL database…

Please solve my issue ASAP…

Thank you.

Do not ‘bump’ your topic. People will respond if they think they know how to help you.

Could you provide your SQL database hostname? (


MySQL username - epiz_30369069

MySQL Hostname -

If the database is still missing it is probably gone. Note that it is your responsibility to always have a backup of your files and databases, because even on a aphid host, you never know when your data will be corrupted.


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