Mysql cant be acces

i cant acces my mysql.

Error Message

Experiencing issues with phpMyAdmin? Log out of your control panel, clear cookies and sessions [not available in all browsers] and log back into your control panel and try again…

Please help me. I was clear my cache and cookies, try with other device, and change my password. But mysql still cant be access…

Hi and welcome back to the forum! There seems to be a problem right now where all of the things that interest free hosting (except for the Control Panel itself and the database servers) are down for now, even phpMyAdmin. Please wait until it gets fixed (maybe an hour or two), then check back again.

EDIT: It got fixed! Oh, never mind, it’s all down again; even the Control Panel got down.
EDIT 2: It all got fixed again. I hope it doesn’t go down now…
EDIT 3: It went down again!


Thank you. I hope it can be fixed soon…

I think it got fixed now, again…

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Hi and welcome to the forum! Yeah, I updated my post again. Let’s see if it doesn’t go down now…


It’s still the same, i can’t access it…

It went down again as I’m speaking… It’s being a continuous up and down now. Wait some more, or until I post an update, to see if it works again!

UPDATE: Now phpMyAdmin is up again! @Prythalize, make the most out of it!


Up, down, up, down… Like a swing at a playground :thinking:


Now try to clear cookies and cache or resetting the Control Panel’s password through the Client Area itself. phpMyAdmin should work afterwards.


I have 2 accounts, the other one can access Phpmyadmin but this one is not. I tried on other device too but still same.

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