My WordPress Store Have Some Problem

Hi Admin.
I have a WordPress installation here from my account.
Few days ago, when i update my WordPress, then for some network error the WordPress not updating properly, and then the site and Admin panel was not working from that time.
But Then i have update the WordPress manually. And then the problem has been solved. But from that time, one problem is occurring same. When i click any link, or any product, means wherever i click in my site homepage, then the page is redirect to infinityfree website and showing 404 Page Not Found!

So please tell me why this problem may be happening? How do i fix this problem, please tell me about this matter as soon as possible, please.

It would help if you specified a website address, but

Check URL on your website items and where they lead (mouse over + enabled status bar in browser)
or open F12 browser dev. tools > console, etc.
and compare whether these files exist

Also it is possible that the default URL has changed during your update process
(everything is in the wrong location - dir,url,etc.)

Thank you so much for your reply.
I have done one thing, i just go to settings and then Permalinks, and i have just click save on the Permalinks without changing anything, after that the problem has been fix.

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Now i have face a huge problem.
I have try to edit the .htaccess file to add a code on it. The code is all about to reduce the pages loading time, increase the site speed, the code is a Gzip code.
But after i adding the code and save the file. When browse my site, my site is displayed, but in my homepage where ever i click, it redirect to my hosting website’s one page which says 404 Page Not Found (as previously happened problem).
When I check my files, then i noticed that the .htaccess file is not there!
So i have uploaded the .htaccess original file which I have downloaded before make the change. But after uploading .htaccess file the problem is occurring same.
Please i request you, please help me to fix the problem. Please anybody help me in this situation, what i need to do? Please please help me. Please.

Maybe your .htaccess file is bigger than 10000 bytes (10 KBs). Try removing some rules to get into the limit and have a working .htaccess on your account.

Yes, my htaccess file is may be 10.30 kb, but the problem only happens when i edit it adding one another code on it, but after i adding the same code then the problem is same.
And please tell me how can i remove something from the code. Please.

And after removing some rules from it, then is there anything i lose in my site? My site is a eCommerce site. Please tell me.

You can remove any thing related with IP blocking (if there is one); they aren’t important and don’t make damage to your eCommerce website.

Ok, i will try this now, then i will post here. Then please guide me if i have any issue.

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