My websites usually can't be accessed by people

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Perhaps 95% of people tell me they can’t access.

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Your websites seem to be working fine, and I don’t understand why other people would not be able to access them.

Did some of those people who say they can’t access your site also say why they are unable to access them? Do you know if they saw any particular error message?


I got the issue
Its http website and when you copy this link or click the link from whatsapp it makes default https

Just a simple solution take free ssl install it, will work like butter

Thank you all for caring! To clarify, one person who tried to access the website from Sweden got instead these messages from the browser “The website cannot provide a secure connection. sent an invalid reply.” The browser provided further information:
“The website’s identity has not been verified.
Your connection to is not encrypted.”
(Translated from Swedish)

If you haven’t already:


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