My Websites Being Attacked and more

(please specify the website or account you are asking about)

Being attacked. My websites were suspened then put back up. (Admin, if you are reading this block the user doing that please)

Other Information

Why do you guys think that I am being attacked?

First of all, why do you think your website is under attacked?

Could you please share the reason for the last suspension?

InfinityFree (iFastnet) experienced a technical hiccup today (or yesterday depending on your time zone), that led to many accounts got suspended by mistake, and have been reactivated recently.
So, maybe that’s reason why your accounts were down, and up again.


OK. But I have been having a lot of visits out of russia. Which is slowing down my website

I see.

So, I can guest that most of the visits are from bot.

In that case, you can use CloudFlare to force all visitor from Russia to complete a challenge (either JavaScript or captcha).

Genuine people who are interested in your site will complete the challenge and proceed. Bots will be blocked.

This is an example:

But I don’t know how to protect your website , though.


Same happened to me from US. I turned on my DDoS protection and blocked the US

Hi @weatheralex1! To add to this topic, you cannot protect free domains from infinityfree as since they’re subdomains, cloudflare doesn’t support them unless you have enterprise plan.

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