My website won't even load after a week of publishing and connecting the nameservers

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: URL ending in /?z after waiting for about a week, everywhere, even after refreshing DNS cache and cookies.

Just open the website.

I’m using this software: Mozilla Firefox, Opera

Additional information: web browser

Thanks in advance for the help. :slight_smile:

Can you try to change the nameservers to these ones, removing the existing ones:
on the domain registrar’s nameservers management panel for your domain, and then remove and add the domain again from the “Addon Domains” section of the Control Panel? That should push the changes to the network, and should take at least 24 hours before you can access the website again.

It looks like the DNS settings of your domain got corrupted somehow. We’re not quite sure yet what’s the cause of this bug, but removing and re-adding the domain name usually causes the right DNS records to be setup on our nameservers.

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You might want to update these…

But remember that our nameservers and Byet Free Internet ones are the same, so if you use one or the other they point to InfinityFree the same and you can add the domain with both these nameservers sets or one of those sets. is identical to and the same goes for ns2. don’t exist however. You can use the nameservers, the nameservers or both at the same time. It doesn’t really matter which ones you use.

So the nameservers listed there are not necessarily wrong. I know that using multiple names is confusing and I’ve brought this to the attention of iFastNet before, but making this fully consistent across the board has some additional implications.


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