My website went offline

Suddenly my website went offline,I am unable to login to admin panel and cant see my site its showing an error site is offline,Please help he out,it was working perfectly fine and suddenly it went offline.

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This “Site offline” page is quite clearly generated by your website code. This page is not generated by any aspect of the free hosting platform.

Are you still able to access the admin area of your WordPress site? Can you see anything unusual there?

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Your wp-admin is fine, so it looks like that you made the site offline page or it’s a plugin.

Yeh, mine too, these things are what they are with free hosting here, if free hosting worked aqs it should, where is the incentive to pay??

There I was, just putting the hard work of one of our volunteers in an article, and BOOM, the dreaded white screen…

I just wish that the people running this (who have every right to run their business as they like) realised the impact their moves to try and persuade people to pay have on small organisations with no budget… I’m sure it’ll be back soon, it’s our fault really, for daring to try and use at peak times in the middle of the week, I am sure it will be back up and running soon.

No one is purposely taking down websites, they would only be down for a couple of reasons;

a, YOU messed up a config, or touched something you shouldn’t have
b, There is an important security update for the servers
c, There is a large load, commonly middle of day/lunchtime on weekends.

Apart from that check your plugins, and a white screen in php ALWAYS means there is a code/plugin issue


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