My website was suspended, what should I do?

If your website/account was suspended, here are some things to take note of to avoid another suspension.

If it was because of Daily Hits/CPU Usage/etc., this topic is for you. If it was because of a manual suspension by Admin or the InfinityFree team, please open a support window with them, as I’m unable to help with the situation.

I’ve broken this into sections so it’s more organized and more easy to find the answers you’re looking for.

Why was my account suspended?

You’re account was probably suspended for reaching the maximum hits in a day, or CPU usage. Imagine you have 10 servers sitting somewhere. If a website uses 90% CPU, other websites will run slow on that server. InfinityFree has CPU Limits so that other websites operate smoothly. They suspend the website for 24 hours so that they don’t take up any more CPU.

Don’t worry! Your website will be back up and running in 24 hours.

My account was permanently suspended, what steps should I take?

A permanent suspension happens when you either have a suspended domain because of daily hits and or CPU usage approximately 40 times. InfinityFree suspends your entire website forever to prevent more high CPU usage.

Contact them through a support ticket if it was not 50 times, it might be because of complaints, etc.

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To my knowledge it is 40times


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40 Times!

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