My website was suspended ; please help me I need it back duribg 2 hours please


I am sorry if I am breaking any terms and conditions , please sir resubmit my Hosting now. And explain why you suspend my Hosting, if You resubmit my Hosting i’ll follow all term’s and conditions of Your Website .
Thank You .

well its ismple. u got suspended because u use too much cpu resources. so, the only solution is to way 24hrs. and ur site will be reactivated. or pay 5 U$D to activate in few hours but is not guarentee if u pay that 5 bucks to get ur old site active.
so wait 24hrs


This is incorrect, You can’t pay to have an account reactivated.

^^ That is not correct. iFastNet will transfer accounts, even when suspended.

Yes, but you pay FOR PREMIUM HOSTING AND MOVE THERE, not only to reactivate a free hosting account. Paying for it when you don’t need premium hosting is a waste of money.


There is a large difference:

  1. Pay to have your account upgraded and have it un-suspended
  2. Pay to have an account unsuspended

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