My website takes upto 1min to load is my website and it is a blogging website. it takes really long time. infinity free team I am really grateful for all of your services but if you could please help me to increase the speed of my wordpress site I would be more than grateful.


Well, it took me 5 - 6 s to load.

You can consider some web caching plugin (eg w3) and CloudFlare ( to speed up your website.


It took about 6-8 seconds to load.
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lol ur website loads in less than a second lol.

So, have you checked your router speed?
It could be the ISP or simply caching!
Sometimes, files take time to get loaded into the host machine, so if your PC doesn’t find a DNS server that has the site in cache, it takes more to load.
edit: took a second to load

For me, your website does take long to load and my internet connection is good. Your website is really animative and looks like it has a lot of plugins and themes which is probably why.

Here’s what I recommend:

  1. Use CloudFlare CDN and caching service
  2. Lazy load images (there are WordPress plugins for this)
  3. Use less resource themes and plugins
  4. Remove unnecessary plugins and themes but keep a standard one if you face issues 2018 theme recommended
  5. Don’t use tracking (analytical) plugins as they can slow your website.

I’m seeing 2.9 Seconds

From further analysis I see your images do take a while to load (400+ms) but your main site, the large PHP process takes a long time. So this is most likely an unused plugin issue.


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