My Website suspended temporarily Yesterday!

Correct Me if I am wrong. Yesterday My website were suspended

Today I check the graph It doesn’t show any reached limit. May I know is it down(suspended) for reached the limit or any other reason ?

Please check the screenshot


The graphs are a bit hard to read, and not always very accurate. But you can see that in the Daily CPU graph, there is a spike on the number 4. Which means that on the 4th of the month (i.e. the 4th of February) your CPU usage was quite high.

Due to the way the data for the CPU usage graph is sampled and the way the limit is enforced, very bursty traffic can cause the graph to appear lower than it actually is. This is a known issue.

But as you can see in the deactivation history of your account: your account was suspended for hitting the daily CPU limit.


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