My website loads very slow

I’ve have only a single domain account, with a wordpress with a single theme and a sigle page website.

It takes agessss to load and every time I get into de wp admin and make a change I get suspended due to CPU usage limit.

my website is

Hello there,

Your site loads on an average 3-5 seconds here.

There are many factors on why your site is being slow (including but not limited to):

  • the browser you’re using
  • your internet connection speed
  • your site is poorly optimized
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well i ve got suspended for 24hs again!

How would you optimize it?

Please take a look at this Knowledge Base article:

This explains on how you can reduce your CPU usage and explains more on why your account hit the CPU limit.

You can search stuffs on Google for some tutorials. I do suggest you to use some WP plugins which specializes in site optimization.


Especially cache plugins can increase the performance a lot.

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i ve already read that article: It basically says “we limit CPU usage at our discretion, we won’t tell you how much you are using and wont tell you how much you can use” That’s why I’m writing here.
As I said I ve just have a Wordpress with a sigle theme instaled theme (hestia), elementor, orbix and wpforms plugins. Is a single page website and a landing page. That can’t be a lot of ussage. No traffic at all at the moment apart from myself. I’m currently not directing traffic here as sit keeps being suspended.

any recomendations?

To quote the article:

I was just setting up my website, why was it suspended?

Remember that CPU usage is caused by both traffic and code complexity.

Building a website, like installing scripts, importing content and installing plugins and themes are all complex tasks, which require quite a bit of processing power to perform. If you’re doing many changes like that, you can easily generate a lot of CPU usage.

One way to work around that is to do some of your testing on your own computer. By running software like XAMPP or WampServer, you can also run your website on your own computer and try and test everything there. When you’re satisfied with your setup, you can migrate or replicate it on your hosting account.

Summarizing: it’s perfectly possible to hit the CPU limits while you’re building your website.

That’s basically how CPU usage works everywhere. Even on your own computer, you can only see some basic percentage counters as to how much CPU power a certain process uses.

Premium hosting has a live counter which shows you what you are using right now, takes some process snapshots from peak times and breaks down your usage by hour instead of days. But that’s really the limit of how much data you can reasonably get.

Premium hosting also doesn’t tell you that you can have X visitors or Y plugins on your site. That’s now how CPU usage works.


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