My WebSite Loads, 3 seconds later, after my screen goes white, and it doesn't load anymore!


My WebSite Loads, for 3 seconds, after my screen goes white, and it doesn’t load anymore!
What i´m do ?

(i´m Brazilian, and my english is very low, sorry !)

Your website took very little to load for me and this is what I’m seeing when I open your website:


Try Again,
I changed the file name index.
Now you’ll see what I’m saying…

You have a lot of 404

Resolve it first


done, now what ?

still does not work

That’s because it isn’t resolved. Your website redirects to a login page, which tries to load files from the following directory ( which seems to do not exist, amongst other errors.

The developer console can be a helpful friend here to identify what’s wrong and try to fix it (if you’re unfamiliar with it, look it up online). You can see for example here that the majority of the assets the page is trying to load are missing (highlighted in the screenshot) and are redirecting to InfinityFree’s 404 error page instead, which causes the issue you’re facing:


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