My website just got suspended for no reason

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I already contacted support. I just wanted some help from the community. Is this an accidental ban? I was just trying to include a recaptcha script to a page and suddently got banned. What should I do?
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They just sent me this

Thank you for contacting.

The following files uploaded are not allowed on a free hosting plan and have been removed:


We would love to host this kind of content on our premium servers please consider upgrading to iFastNet premium where that is allowed and there are 100s of benefits!

You may continue to use your free hosting account now.

Please allow 10 minutes for account to be online and log out of your cPanel.

Best regards

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Staff wrote at 2022-08-16 14:08 (3 minutes ago)

I don’t know what they are talking about

They said i uploaded a landing page. Anyways, they unsuspended me.

No idea. You need to ask support.

What the client area tells you to do: submit a ticket.

Then ask them.


When dealing with permanent suspensions InfinityFree does not handle those so creating a post on a community driven forum will not help. However, next time submit a ticket and ask there.


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