My website is suspended

My website is suspended yesterday it was written because I exceeded the amount of RAM and today it was decided because of the CPU

I installed a WORDPRESS system as you suggest and as soon as I started working on it and editing the site as I wanted.
I received 2 errors that blocked my site access. So how do I edit the site? What’s more, how should I provide access to people? In fact, you’re not as free as you were and should I purchase a premium package through iFast?

To reduce the CPU usage on your hosting account, you should install Heartbeat Control. That limits the frequency or disables completely the Heartbeat API, but won’t be good for some features like the auto-save on the editor. So if you want to preserve the WordPress features install W3 Total Cache, enable it and enable all the caches (page cache, database and object cache) except the minifying feature, which is known to break your website if not used correctly, then save all the changes and purge the cache.

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I can’t visit my ftp account

Thanks for the answer

What do you mean you can’t? Any screenshot? You must first login into your control panel and then to online file manager.

You cant enter FTP if you are still suspended. Make sure the suspension is already done before you enter FTP.


Thank you for all the answers

I don’t get it, I did evreything you just said and again my web is suspended

what does the error says? can you show it?

InfinityFree will not suspended an account without reasons.

Read these articles:

These will help you understand the cause.

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What can I do with?

You need to wait 1 day before your account will get unsuspended again.

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And tomorrow my web will be suspended again…
So what can I do with this problem?

Then don’t do it again. I mean the cause of having a CPU limit.

Huh! But @DigibytechsOrgs said over here to limit Hearbeat API.

yes, HeartBeat API is used and responsible for checking updates in Wordpress but in default, every time a Wordpress page loads, it calls the HeartBeat API. It can cause server overload. To avoid this, we need to turn it off and use a cron job to set the running interval of HeartBeat API.

Or use HeartBeat Control plugin for easy setup just like @Ergastolator1 said.

And @Technical.Legendz, my point and @Ergastolator1 point is the same.


I did it man, it still doing that…

I did evreything you just said and I block just right now…

Check this out!

Did you follow all of my suggestions and done right as stated by @Technical.Legendz?

My suggestions only minimizes about 25% CPU Usage and not 100%. It is because Wordpress itself is a heavy CMS.

It also depends on what content you have in your Wordpress.

TIP: Edit your files in your local device then upload it and not edit it directly using Wordpress. This way, it minimizes somehow the CPU usage.

Sorry if my suggestions dont work for you. It is just because not all Wordpress sites works with my solutions. By the way, thanks for reading this.
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