My website is redirecting to

So i created a website some time ago with the free hosting service InfinityFree after a week i wanted to change to a diffrent web hosting service so i deactivated my account without doing anything else. after that 30 days later my account got perm deleted and then it redirects to : i dont want this how do i remove this from my site (i made a new account still redirects to : SOMONE HELP ME!

now it shows this : website =

You have to remove the A record from your domain registrar’s DNS page.

Is this your URL?


1st thing i dont have any records on that page and there is no way to reverse it so if you know what records i should add tell me pls and yes its my url bc i made a new account it now shows the basic template

It’s working fine for me. Try flushing your DNS or changing your DNS provider. Using a different device/network should also work.


Your domain’s nameservers are not anywhere near fully propagated. This is normal if the site is less than 72 hours old, so it should clear itself up.


Yes the website has no message now bc i created a new account but i want to switch to mobirise (other host) but i cant bc if i deactivate my account here it wil non stop redirect

Then switch your DNS records to those of the new host and DO NOT deactivate the account here until about one week has passed.


Ok qnd why should i wait a week

Because of DNS caching.

Most domains don’t change hosts very often. So to avoid having to look up where the domain is hosted every time you open a web page, DNS results are often remembered so the results can be used again. This is called caching. The cache may be done on your own device, on the local network, at your ISP, or at multiple of these locations.

So if you change your domain’s nameservers to your new hosting provider, many visitors are going to be using the old results for a while, because their DNS resolvers haven’t checked whether the nameservers have changed. Which means these visitors will connect to the old hosting provider, not the new one.

And when you deactivate the account and/or remove the domain, our servers won’t have an active website for the domain. So when visitors try to connect to your site, they will see the default page for non-existent domains: or

By keeping the old service active for a while, you can show (an old version of) your website, or a page saying the website is being moved. What you want to show is up to you, but at least you can decide what’s being shown.


Ok but if i now change the name servers and change to a other host and keep this acount active for a few weeks will it show the new website ot the old one

Both Admin and I explained that to you.

If you switch the nameservers, some people will see your website with the new host

and some will see the one hosted with us (at least for a little while, up to ~72-84 hours). This is if you keep the service with us active. If you don’t:


alr thx

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